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VCM Hi-End MUSES® Mini Volume Control Board


  • Power supply voltage                                    +/- 9-16Vdc

  • Power supply current                                     ≤ 10mA

  • Volume Control Range                                  -120dB(Mute); -112dB to 0dB

  • Volume Control Step Size                               0.5dB

  • Channels Separation                                      -106dB

  • Output Noise:                                                   -118dBV (MUSES chip only)

  • THD @1kHz , 1Vrms:                                      0.0005% typ (MUSES chip only)

  • THD @10kHz , 1Vrms:                                    0.001% typ (MUSES chip only)

  • Max. Input Voltage:                                        9Vrms @+/-15Vdc power

  • Dimensions                                                      1.500”H x 1.500”W x 0.350”D

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