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BIB Hi-End MUSES® Electronic Balanced Input Board


This electronic balanced audio input board is designed and built in the US, using the best quality parts, and is aimed to satisfy the highest audiophile quest for purity of sound reproduction.


When used with the VCX stand-alone  Volume Control board, or a VCM volume control with an MCU-M MCU Control board and a low noise power supply, the BIB board makes a complete Hi-End volume control solution that rivals most of the best commercially available ones. 

The BIB may also be used to add a balanced audio input to the ISS-based single-ended audio preamp.

The BIB features a high quality linear stage with 10dB gain.  The core of this stage, a high quality output opamp is installed in a socket and may be replaced by any dual JFET opamp with a standard pinout.  The board may be used with an outboard amplifier/buffer section or without any active output circuitry at all.

The BIB provides a single-ended or a quasi-balanced outputs.  The single ended outputs may be terminated with RCA connectors.  The quasi-balanced outputs may be terminated with male XLR connectors.

An optional BOB balanced stereo output driver may be added for a true balanced audio output.


A high quality MUTE relay is provided to eliminate any unwanted noises  from power-up/power-down processes. Refer to the Specifications section for complete product specifications.

Requires a VCX volume control board, or a VCM+MCU-M boards for a volume control operation. (Sold in discounted packages.)

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