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BIB Hi-End MUSES® Electronic Balanced Input Board


Dimensions:                             4.00"L x 2.15"W x 1.10"H

Power requirements:              +10V ...+16V, 50mA; -10V ...-16V, 30mA                                                            (including VCM+MCU-M or a VCX board)

Max. Input Voltage:                  7.5 Vrms

Volume Control Range:            0dB to -111.5dB (0.5dB step),

                                                     MUTE  (-120dB)

Linear Stage Gain:                     10dB

Total Output Noise:                  -109dBV (with VCM and PBA2604)

Total THD+N @1kHz:                -100dBV (with VCM and PBA2604)

See more test results in the Downloads section.

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