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MCL - LCD Control Board for MUSES® Electronic Volume Controls


The MCL controller for MUSES® Volume Control boards was designed to provide a quick and efficient way to integrate a VCM volume control boards or an ISS input selector board into an existing or newly built Hi-End audio system.


The MCL board features a quality back-lit LCD display, a rotary encoder, and a multi-function switch, that provide a complete user interface for a stereo preamp or an integrated audio amplifier.


The MCL Control board comes with two 8" long flat flexible cables for connection with any Academy Audio MUSES® -enabled board.  It also comes with an IR remote control unit that provides a complete remote control functionality.


Designed and built in the United States.


Refer to the Specifications section for complete product specifications.


The control signals format and power requirements may be found in the MUSES® chip datasheet in the Downloads section.

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