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LPS9  Ultra Low Noise Power Supply for Hi-End Audio


The LPS9 low noise  power supply is a universal low power extra clean power supply designed to operate the entire line of our MUSES® enabled audio boards and corresponding MCU controllers. Can power a complete Hi-End preamp. Provides ultra clean isolated analog +/- 14V rails and a filtered +5V for digital circuits. 


The LPS9 board features dual stage voltage regulation and a sophisticated filtering system to provide clean analog voltage rails.  The top quality components and a conservative design provide long life trouble free operation.  The circuit uses no electrolytic capacitors.

The isolated analog power rails provide extremely low noise power free from power line harmonics and switching circuitry artifacts.  That ensures a very low noise floor (audio "black level") unachievable by other power supply topologies.

The LPS9 board features a "Power On" indicator, an undervoltage, overheating, and short circuit protection.


The board features three input connectors, including a popular USB-C for the +5Vdc primary power source.

Refer to the Specifications section for complete product specifications.


A complete operation manual can be found in the Downloads section.

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