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This is a complete Hi-End audio preamp kit including a 6-input electronic single ended stereo channel selector, an MCL (LCD MCU Control board), a VCM MUSES® Volume control board, and a Deluxe Remote Control Unit.  It is designed and built using the best quality parts, and is aimed to satisfy the highest audiophile quest for purity of sound reproduction. Just add a +/-15Vdc power supply, and a pair of RCA output connectors. Consider adding a VCM R/A adapter for a low profile applications and a BOB for a true balanced output.
Designed and built in USA.

Hi-End MUSES® Preamp Kit

  •      Specifications:​

    • Dimensions MCL:           1.60"H x 6.00"W x 1.2"D

    • Dimensions ISS+VCM:    4.00"L x 4.00"W x 1.80"H

    • Power Requirements:  +10V...+17V, 50mA; -10V...-17V, 30mA     

    • Max. Input Voltage:        5Vrms

    • Volume Control Range:  0dB to -111.5dB (0.5dB step),                                                             Mute  (-120dB)

    • Total Output Noise:       -108dBV (with VCM and OPA2604)

    • Total THD+N @1kHz:     -102dBV (with VCM and OPA2604)

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